Monday, November 07, 2016

Leaf raking 1 and mowing

Taken this morning from the front window.

Yesterday we raked/blew our leaves out to the street so the city can pick them up this week. This is supposed to be the 2nd weekly pickup for our section of town, but the leaves were all still on the trees (and green) during the first scheduled pickup. So I'm hoping they will come back around later since we still have quite a few in the trees.

At any rate, I used the electric blower and was able to blow the front yard leaves right to the curb and the backyard leaves into a big pile. Then Jane and I hauled 3 tarp-loads out front. Jane also spent much of the afternoon cleaning up the flower areas.

After raking leaves I then mowed the lawn - possibly for the last time this year, but maybe not. I set the mower to the second to lowest notch and mowed it really short so remaining leaves will either blow on past or at least be easier to remove.

For the remainder of the day/night I sneezed and snotted myself silly. I still don't know if it's a head cold or allergies from the leaves, or both, but I am tired of the running nose and watering eyes.