Friday, December 02, 2016

Coaching crash

Well, I've decided to hang up my whistle and not renew my certificate in leadership coaching with Coach Approach Ministries.

I was notified the other day that it was that time again. They also said I hadn't taken my continuing education credits this year, but I think they're mistaken. I took a class in Findlay, Ohio earlier this year (unless that was last year). At any rate, I can no longer justify paying a fee to keep a certification I rarely if ever use.

In a way I'm a little sad, because I do like this kind of coaching. But the truth is I just don't do it enough, nor take it serious enough. I lack the confidence and emotional stamina at the moment, and I just don't see that changing a lot. Plus I'm probably just not respected enough to ever make a go of it (and rightfully so). So... it was fun while it lasted. I don't regret it and I did learn a bunch. I'm glad I did it but it's time to move on.