Friday, December 30, 2016

It means penis in japanese

I have some tenants who are Nigerian sisters. I'd guess they are about my age, and are sometimes difficult to understand (heavy African accent), but they are almost always joyful. It appears they run some sort of charity that sends clothes and things back to their homeland. They're not a problem at all, but do require a bit more maintenance than most of my tenants. They're also always looking to get some kind of a "deal." All that said, though, they are the only people associated with my workplace that gave me a Christmas present.

Pictured above is a plate of chin chin. I'd never heard of it but apparently it is a common snack food where they are from. They told me everyone always has some on hand and whenever someone stops by your house it is brought out for sharing over chit chat. I felt it was an incredible gesture of hospitality on their part to share it with me (as well as the $40 in cash in the envelope).

Before I sampled a piece I googled it to see what it was and one of the first things I saw was a thread that said 'chin chin' means 'penis' in Japanese. I think this turned out to be untrue, but I thought, "Oh great! What the heck?!?" If you click the wikipedia link above you'll find it has nothing to do with that at all, but it did make for a catchy title (I think). :)