Monday, January 09, 2017

Gas in 2016

For some reason I still keep track of gas fill-ups in my '02 Buick Century. I've done it since I started pastoring. I used to write down mileage but the odometer quit working years ago. I just have a little notebook that I write down the date, gallons, price per gallon, and amount paid. Usually I go to the Marathon station by my house, though once in awhile I will get it at the Lassus near my office.

In 2016 I filled up 35 times (I believe I filled the tank every time I got gas). The cheapest I paid was $1.35 on 2/9/16. The most expensive was $2.55 on 6/14/16.

I always get the cheapest - 87 octane - and pay for it at the pump.