Monday, March 13, 2017

Running the sound board at church

My view of the Sunday service.

Yesterday I was the emergency sound man at church. I got a text at 10 the night before wondering if I would mind a crash course the next morning. I said sure. I'd previously told the pastor I would be willing to learn just for cases like this. I don't necessarily want to be a regular, but I can hopefully be someone who can be depended on in a pinch. I think I know enough to handle any major issues.

Our church isn't probably like a lot of churches though. The building we meet in is actually a concert hall, and it has one of the nicest setups for a small club in the city. They host a lot of concerts and it gets used quite a bit. Plus it's a digital board and I've only managed analog before, so I was a bit overwhelmed at first. Fortunately all I had to do was run sound, and not any lights, cameras, or computer stuff.

So, I learned the basics of the board and hung out up top. I thought things were going along pretty smooth, but some guy kept coming up in the booth saying things were out of whack. At first he just climbed the stairs and started pushing buttons and turning knobs. I wasn't sure what to do because I had no idea who he was. I thought what he was doing was totally uncalled for, but I could tell by watching him when he sat back down that he just had an ear for that sort of thing and it was driving him crazy. Anyway, it turned out that what he thought was so wrong was simply that the pastor's mic was rubbing on his beard. So I just smiled and thanked him for his help.

It was a little weird not sitting with the family during the service, and I actually didn't take communion because I wasn't sure if I should since the band plays during it, but all in all it went well. It was kind of weird to be looking over everyone from the back. I didn't mind doing it, and liked being able to help out, but I think I prefer my seat with m'Lady better.