Saturday, April 15, 2017

A good good friday

I've been meaning to post things all week but simply have not had the time (for some odd reason). Anyway, yesterday - Good Friday to those of us who follow such folly - was a good day for me.

It started out with the local YMCA's annual Good Friday breakfast. I've never been before, but since Jane is now employed there, and helps to organize, I thought it would be good to attend. PLUS, this year's main speaker was Reggie McNeal. I have read almost all his book as well as been through the Missional Leadership Initiative that he leads within the denomination holding my ordination. I have always been a big fan of Reggie, both personally as well as his kingdom/missional take on church.

Usually they have some kind of sports figure or celebrity type for this event, but the person in charge of getting the speaker this year also happened to go through the Missional Leadership Initiative (he used to pastor a UB church in Fort Wayne, and is friends with my cohort Tom, which is how he came to know about MLI and Reggie). He works in the same office building as Jane and I give him big kudos for thinking to have Reggie speak. I think it was perfect (and much better than a random celebrity figure), especially consider the role the Y is supposed to have in a community.

I also invited my pastor to attend with us (as well as Tom but he couldn't make it). So Brian and I sat at table #9 with Mick and Glenn and their spouses and a couple other people. Mick is the CFO that I met while working out at Skyline.

It was held in the dome thing at what used to be the Marriott but is now apparently a Ramada. It started at 7:30 am with a breakfast. Curtis Smith was the emcee, and they also had Luther Whitfield, the chairman of the Y and Tim speak. We got our food at a buffet when we arrived, then festivities started at 8 am. It was over around 9:15.

I introduced myself and chatted with Reggie briefly before it started. I guess he had talked to Jane earlier and she told him I would be there. He seemed just like he always did. His talk was just how I remembered him as well. Full of humor, sarcasm, and good information, then he reaches in right at the end and really pulls on your heart-strings. It felt so good to sit and listen and be inspired by him again. I took some notes on my phone and will hopefully share those at some point.

Anyway, after it was done I had to skedaddle out of there and get to work. It was then a really busy day at work. I think we had 7 move-ins and 2 move-outs, and I left a little early even.

Last night we went to the Good Friday service at our church. Amber set it all up and it consisted of 9 (I think) prayer stations with activities at each. It was nice and also obvious that she put a lot of work into it. I guess they had it available from 11-12 earlier in the day, and 6-8 last night. Jane went to the regular worship service at noon yesterday. She said it was good and there were maybe 20 people there.

So, I'd call that a good Friday in my book.