Monday, April 03, 2017

Monday mush

So this is Monday (said to the tune of some song in my head).

It just occurred to me that the times when I am feeling best are during church worship services and after working out. You could also add while taking in a good concert. I guess it popped into my head as I got to work today. I always feel great after a morning workout and shower. The drive to work is nice and I often find myself smiling for no particular reason. However, it never seems to fail at some point during the day that I start to hate my job. And maybe not even this job, but just working. Although it could be this job. Anyway, I was just thinking about that. I read a post by my daughter this morning about how much she likes working at the Y. I wish they had some full-time jobs because she made it sound like a nice place to work.

Yesterday I put the new belt on out treadmill. It came pretty quickly. It wasn't too difficult what with the helpful video from Treadmill Doctor. I also lubed the board with one of the tubes they sent along.

Jane and I were greeters at church again yesterday. Drew was singing at our church and Carrie was working in the nursery at the old church. Somewhere in there we all managed the three little munchkins. It was nice to be involved though.

I'm not in a very good mood right now so I will keep this short. Just felt like I needed to post something. For some reason. I wish people would quit calling my office. It's been a busy Monday.