Friday, April 28, 2017

Storm damage to the new car

Wednesday evening we went to get groceries, some birthday presents for Caleb and pizza. I wasn't even aware it was supposed to rain. On the way home, though, it started to just downpour. And I mean like monsoon-like downpour. We were driving along Ardmore somewhere around Covington Rd and we literally could not see. All the cars had their flashers on and were just stopped wherever they were. All at once we heard something hit our car but the force of the rain and the resulting noise was such that we weren't sure until we got home. Jane said she saw a tree limb at one point, and judging from these dents in the side of the car and the leaves poked in and around the door grooves, I'd say that's what did it.

I took it to the body shop today and the estimate for repairs is just under $1600. That's not as bad as I was afraid it might be. Fortunately it appears just one section needs replaced. Although they said it would be about a 5-day job. Our insurance guy did say we had rental car coverage, so I guess one of us will be driving an economy car for a week coming up.