Thursday, May 11, 2017

An extra day off

Jane and I both took the day off yesterday. We thought we might could use it after driving to Atlanta and back. I'm glad we did. I really only wanted to accomplish a few things yesterday and without taking the day off I probably wouldn't have done any of them.

First off I was able to put up a post about Isaac's graduation. Next I gave myself a haircut and beard trim. I intended to trim everything down to a #1, but instead used the 2 on my head and left my beard a little longer on the chin. After the haircut I mowed the lawn and did a little weed trimming. Mission accomplished.

We did go out for breakfast and I was also able to get in a nap/meditation period. Later on we went over and saw the grandkids for a bit before their bedtime. That was an added bonus. We also stopped by Jane's office for a minute.

This morning I skipped my regular workout - just can't get back into the groove (I'm writing this post instead). I also start back to work today. I REALLY don't want to do that. Immediately following work we are once again manning the church parking lot for tonight's Tincaps game.

So, there ya go!