Sunday, May 07, 2017

Blessing others

The previous couple posts have been from my reading of Trevor Hudson's nice little book 'Beyond Loneliness." This will likely be the last post I make regarding the book, but I loved his chapter 10 on "Blessing Others as Our Friend Has Blessed Us." I actually used part of this for my sermon last week.

On pages 113-121 he lays out a plain and simple means of 'How to Bless Others." It is laced with Scripture throughout and based on the premise that, like Abraham, we are blessed to be a blessing.

How To Bless Others:
  1. The Blessing of Seeing (noticing people)
  2. The Blessing of Presence (being with people)
  3. The Blessing of Words (saying good things)

This was a really good chapter, and at the time I read it (and was preparing my last sermon), I thought this would make for good sermon material itself someday.