Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Diet, kiosk, jane to buda

I actually started this post sometime last week. One day I wrote several - including all the Nouwen book posts - and haven't had time to get back and finish. So here's a few things.

I've started on a diet. Trying to drop a few extra pounds and hopefully get in a better weight range for longer running I guess. Jane actually ordered the supplies. It's the New Lifestyle Diet. We've done it before. We're only doing the 2-week plan. They say it's a total health thing, but basically it's one of those diets where you drink a lot of powdered mixtures. We eat one regular meal per day. I don't think it's the healthiest plan in the world, but I suppose simply fasting for 2 weeks wouldn't kill us either. I really don't have a weight-loss goal in mind, but I could stand to take off about 20 pounds.

My job has been "interesting" lately. It's actually not as bad as it was there for awhile, but the kiosk is now up and running! Tomorrow will mark one week that it's been operational, and not one single person has used it yet! Lol.

Otherwise, work is still as chaotic as ever. One of the things I liked about this company when I started was that all six facilities operated exactly the same. That way an employee at one place could go to another and know how to do pretty much anything. Now my facility operates different from all the others. As does another facility that has a kiosk and no manager on-site. We do not operate the same either. And, like that's not bad enough, I really have no idea what my operational procedures are supposed to be. They are different, but I've been told so many different things that I'm basically just on my own trying to figure it out. No one has any clue. I can manage to get through each day, but my fear is it's going to catch up with us one of these days and be a total fricking mess. But, no one seems to care. I'm still holding out hope I will find another job before that day comes, but I guess I actually need to be looking for another job if I want to have one. Argh.

And... to top things off... when I got back to work at the end of last week after being gone to Atlanta, we developed an email problem. Apparently someone clicked on something they shouldn't have or something, and Outlook has not taken kindly to us. We were notified last Thursday that we've been sending too many emails (spam), and as of this moment I am completely locked out of Outlook. I haven't been able to send mail this whole time, and now I can't even open the program. Our computer guru (in Michigan!) is "working on it." So far this week I've deleted over 3000 spam emails that were returned. Only a handful of those are ones I actually sent. I can hardly wait til they start coming back. As the "office" I get the bulk of mail for the company, and for almost a week now I haven't been able to send invoices, receipts, collection notices, rate adjustments, or reports and mail scans (to owners). It just keeps getting better by the minute here...

In other news, Jane went back home this past weekend. Her brothers oldest grandchild graduated high school. He is the first of that generation, so she thought she ought to go. I had to work Saturday, as well as about every Saturday for the next month, so I just stayed home. She said things were especially difficult with my parents. She took my mom shopping Saturday - which mom loved - but otherwise she said my dad is getting much worse. I/we feel bad, and hope it doesn't take too much of a toll on my mom. So we will likely be trying to go back more often. My sister isn't much help, so life may get a lot more interesting here shortly. We even talked about the possibility of buying a house back home, because staying at my parents might not be an option much longer. We'll see.


Well, there, I wrote something. Finally. Now I suppose I should dive back into the confusion of work. I have no idea what I'm doing - or supposed to be doing - but, again, apparently it doesn't matter. I suppose this is the new normal in the "Trump era." As long as money's being made nothing else matters. Or it's just a messed up place.