Monday, June 12, 2017

The rental car

We are having our 2013 Honda Accord repaired this week from the time a tree limb dinged it up during a storm. This little blue Mitsubishi Mirage is what the insurance company provided for us to drive while that's being taken care of. It is classified as an economy car, but I think using the word car might be a stretch.

Anyway, I had made arrangements to take the Accord in, and they said they could handle getting me a rental car. I guess I assumed that meant that when I dropped off my car, I would then leave in the rental car. Silly me. So I arrived at the auto-body shop at 8:30 like I was supposed to. The girl said she would call so-and-so for me. I thought maybe he was out back or something. Um, actually, it was Enterprise across town. The guy left their Illinois Road store and came and picked me up, then took me back to the store where I had to be accosted by their salesperson.

I was not prepared for this and hadn't brought anything with me to take to work, so by the time I got all that done and went back home to get my stuff, I was a half hour late for work. The worst part was having to listen to the sales spiel at Enterprise where they tried to get me to upgrade and add more insurance protection. I resisted it all! The sad part is - it totally reminded me of how our sales manager wants us to be. That approach turns me completely off, and in a way kind of pisses me off. It's so fake and manufactured. If I ever "have" to do that, I think I am done.

But, for now, I have this tiny little blue blurb to tool around in. Unless Jane wants to use it and I can use the Escape again. It is almost the same exact size as my work golf cart! Crazy.