Wednesday, July 05, 2017

4th fun

We had a nice 4th of July holiday this year. We were both off work and the weather was perfect. 

We slept in the tent in the yard the night before and woke up with no alarm. After lazing around a bit Jane made a nice breakfast and then we got to work. She cleaning the house and pulling some weeds, and I finally got around to trimming the bushes on the east side of the house. I'd put it off for a couple years. 

Some friends from church stopped by early afternoon. They were picking up a couple tiki bars I dug out of the dumpster at work. We had a nice visit with them. 

Jane ran at Foster park and then after we'd showered the Feipel five came over. We cooked brats and hot dogs on the grill, lit some small fireworks - smoke bombs, sparklers and "snakes" - then just hung around and watched the kids play. 

They went to the fireworks downtown but Jane and I went to bed early. It had been a good day, but also a long day. 

Now the week is all messed up and I can't remember what day it is. It would be nice to have one of these days off in the middle of every week though. :)