Saturday, June 21, 2008

I won

Jane and I ran in our first 5k this morning in Zanesville, IN. And I won my age division! It helped that I was the only one IN my age division. But still... I wasn't expecting to get anything besides a t-shirt. :)

There were only about 20 runners, and Jane and I ran together. We weren't near the top, but we weren't last either. It was a nice morning for a jog. I think we ran it in around 33 minutes. Just so you know what kind of competition we had - the overall winner only had one leg. At least I beat the winner of the male 70-79 division. But I got smoked by the female winner of my age division. It was pretty fun though. Hopefully we can run some more of these.

It actually made my back feel better too. After driving five and one half hours home from Buda yesterday, we got home at 4:45, and by 5 I was on the mower trying to get the yard done because there's a birthday party at the pavilion today for a 90 year old woman in our church. She was also the biggest donor to the pavilion project. Pretty cool. She brings me Almond Joy candy bars about twice a month. After mowing, and going out for supper, we went down to Rib Fest in the Fort, but we didn't pay to get in. We stood outside the fence for awhile, walked around downtown a bit, and watched the skaters at the skateboard park. We had to be at the race by 7:30 this morning, since we hadn't registered yet.

Well, better see if they need anymore help setting up for the birthday party. I just had a guy introduce me to his "husband." I think that might be the first time I've actually met a gay couple that were legally married. Hmm.