Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures from home

We had an overnight trip back home this past week. We had a chance to visit with some old (and good) friends. Also had some interesting conversations. Here are a few random pics. They'll get big if you click on them.

This was the view I had for most of my life. This is from my parents back patio - which is the only house they've lived in since I've been alive. Jane and I also had the same view for several years when we lived just down the street. Jane's parents house is in that direction several miles off in the distance.

This squirrel is eating corn from the walnut tree in my parents yard where I spent many hours picking up walnuts. There are brown squirrels all over the place.

Here's a fat rabbit eating grass off the other side of the patio. The walnut tree with the squirrel is just to the left. There are quite a few rabbits around the yard too.

Here are some cows on the farm where Jane grew up. They are either her brothers or his sons. This is the view Jane had out her back door all of her unmarried life. The field we own now is just down the road from here. The Spoon River actually starts right here - only it's just a small creek at this point.

Sigh... You can't beat rural north central Illinois. I think it will always be home to me.


MR said...

Real rabbit to porcelain rabbit: "You gonna eat that? Well can I have it? You don't say much, do ya? That's okay, some of the guys back at the warren won't shut up, I can appreciate your quiet nature, that's why I come here for lunch."

There was a familiar ring to this post, so one text search later and I was comparing this picture to the picture of your backyard posted Dec. 1, 2006. This one is better, higher res and less glare, and it is a nice view. A return to your roots is all the nicer when you know you've got a successful church in Indiana and you're making a difference in people's lives.

...I haven't even gotten started on my church yet.

dan h. said...

I forgot about that other picture. I agree that this one is better. This one was taken on Jane's camera; the other one on my cheapo.