Monday, June 23, 2008

Not preaching

I'm taking a little preaching break. It started yesterday, and I won't preach the next two Sundays, then I'll preach on July 13, and then be gone on July 20 & 27. And, while I do like to preach, it is kind of nice to not have to sometimes. It's almost like I didn't even do anything - even though I still led worship.

Yesterday we watched part 1 of a 2-part dvd from Bluefish tv of Donald Miller entitled Free Market Jesus. You can order your own or watch a preview HERE. I thought it was really good. But then... I like Don. I'm not too proud to admit that Blue Like Jazz was fairly life-changing for me. And I liked Searching For God Knows What and To Own A Dragon about as much. Jane and I met him at a bookreading a couple years ago in Marion, IN. That was also the first time we heard Josh Garrels play. And I like how the bluefish people broke this 60 minute dvd into two parts: one 36 minutes and one 28. So it's perfect as the Sunday message.

I'll show part 2 next week, then I have a student coming to preach on July 6 (while I am here). I had him speak once before while I was gone, and I would like to hear him. Then on July 13 we have a child dedication and I will be preaching, then July 20 is my last vacation day and I have a singing group coming in; and July 27 I am taking a Sunday Sabbatical (I have 2 Sundays per year where I am here during the week but can be gone on the Sunday) and I will show Tony Campolo's It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming dvd.

Some people probably frown on showing videos for the sermon. Not me. I figure if it's good teaching then why in the heck would I NOT show it? I also think it does people good to hear from other speakers now and then - especially good other speakers. I wouldn't want to shows videos all the time, but I think it's good to do things different now and then. People seemed to like part 1 of Free Market Jesus.



Paul said...

Yeah I really loved Blue Like Jazz, too. We used Free Market Jesus not too long ago, and I thought it was great.

I don't know why people frown on using videos for sermons. Sometimes they can really reach people or express something different.

MR said...

I'm always looking for new and interesting things to frown on.

I tell ya, these kids today with their...their... "ROCK" and "ROLL" music...

dan h. said...

Hi Paul,
Not sure if I know you, but welcome to the blog. Thanks for the agreement, and I don't know why people are disagreeable to things that are different either, but... you know, then we have people like MR to remind us that sometimes people just are. :)

Thanks for the comments! Peace.