Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random other stuff

An innaresting week this week. Yesterday I actually BABYSAT with a 3-year-old. Talk about steppin' outside my comfort zone. And she has cystic fibrosis too, so we had to do a treatment and everything. Which wasn't really so bad, because she can basically do it herself. I just kept thinking, "what if something goes wrong; what if something goes wrong?" It went well though. She was a perfect little angel. And I was fortunate that Jane was able to babysit me for a couple hours of it before I had to go it alone for a couple hours more. I was glad to do it though. This couple just had their 17-year-old son die not too many months ago, and they wanted to go to the funeral of another young person. They've been doing this ever since their son died. I think it's partly because they're still trying to work through their own grief, but also, I think they see that as a way they can help others. You know, that, "We know what you're going through" sort of thing. They are some wonderful people, so I was glad to help. But I still can't believe I babysat. Not that I don't like kids, but... let's just say I don't spend a lot of time with them. I saw enough cartoons, read enough books, put puzzles together and all kinds of other kid stuff to last me a good long while yesterday. :)

Today I'm supposed to help a guy put the window in the pavilion enclosure. We also need a shelf and a few other small things done.

Tomorrow I get to go to Anderson to hear son Isaac give a response to a talk on the Israeli/Palestine situation. That should be interesting for sure. I've been loading up the ipod for the trip there and back.

I did finally put some podcasts on the nano, nano. This was really what I wanted an mp3 player for - so I could listen to sermons and talks while mowing, or running, or driving. I'm sure many of you will be disappointed that the first sermon I loaded was from Mark Driscoll. Already listened/watched. It was 70 MINUTES LONG! Man, I couldn't even go half that long or everybody would be asleep. Yesterday on the treadmill I watched a guest speaker at Ginghamsburg Church in Ohio. I've got some more with Michael Slaughter, as well as some from Erwin McManus, and a four-part series from Andy Stanley.

I think this will be good to listen to some other preachers, because I hardly ever listen to other people's sermons anymore. And I probably need to not only for my own personal growth, but to help me become a better preacher too. But I had a really hard time deciding who I should listen to. You know, who is really good? I know several people who subscribe to Rob Bell's podcasts, but, between you and me, I just can't listen to Rob. I think he's too cool for me, and I get tired of his voice and the phrases he uses over and over. I've always like Michael and Erwin and Andy, so I thought I'd start there. For some odd reason I just can't think of anybody else right now.

Well, this ramble is getting distracted. Peace out, folks. And in.


Carrie Jade said...

What a relief to know that I'm not going to hell because I can't stand listening to Rob Bell.

Don't get me wrong - I love his books and I even convinved Drew to read Velvet Elvis. I think he has really great things to say and the Nooma videos are very powerful. I just wish I could read them instead of watching/listening.

Erwin is pretty cool too, though. He wears designer jeans and sits on a stool. He had a hands-free mic thing like Britney Spears when I saw him at his church BUT he talks like a normal guy so it's okay. Especially if you're just listening.

You made my dad with the Rob Bell thing! :) Again, no disrespect to him.

Oh, and props on babysitting. I think I've even offered to babysit that one before...I'm not too hurt that you beat me to it though. Children still freak me out a little.

dan h. said...

Well, I HOPE we're not going to hell for not wanting to listen to Rob. I too liked his book(s). I also like the nooma video's, but I wish they would change them around some. I can only take so much of the same format. Of course, I haven't watched all of them. Not sure I could.

And kids freak me out a LOT! They require too much attention. That's why I think I've always been a "cat" person at heart.

MR said...

I've got to say, if they tell me i'm there because I didn't listen to that guy's sermons when I get to hell, I'm going to suggest an oversight commitee.

Carrie Jade said...

Ha ha. :)

By the way, dad, I heard back from the griffin guy and it only cost me .99 for the adapter. I had it sent to your place so expect it in the mail sometime by friday, hopefully.

MR said...

It's a good thing you warned him, he now keeps a trash can down at the curb, right outside the mailbox and sorts with extreme prejudice the mail right there on the spot. Anything unexpected gets $#!*canned right away and never makes it past the driveway. Publisher's Clearing House, You're Pre-Approved for Pre-Approval, Information Regarding Your Account, all right into the garbage to a steady stream of obscenities. Then he pours a little bit from his flask into the can and tosses in a match as he staggers back toward the house.

It's quite a scene.

(there's the distinct possibility that I made all this up)

Carrie Jade said...

Ehh - it's believable. What if all the mail directed to the place you work for got sent to your house?

Imagine that...


dan h. said...

You two don't mind if I interrupt your conversation do you? :)

Thanks for ordering the adapter, Carrie.