Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peaced off

This has been an odd sort of day. I just haven't felt much like talkin'. Somethin' in the air, no doubt.

I had already written about the Jimmy Dobson / Barack Obama joke and had it set to publish, but then I read what daughter Carrie said on her blog and decided she said it better and was much kinder than I was.

This morning I drove down to a Church of God Anderson function at the invitation of son Isaac. I think it's their general conference or something or other - there were people all over, and lots of pastor types. It was weird, because it wasn't at all like any Church of God, General Conference things I have attended. I don't really know what to make of that.

Anyway, I attended a lecture on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. One of the AU professors - an expert in Middle East history - gave a really good presentation, then Isaac addressed the group with a response. There were probably 70 people or so crammed into a little basement room. I have to say... I was mighty impressed. He pretty much said the same thing there as he did in this blog post: Peace In Palestine. Good stuff, and it fit really well because the speaker talked mostly from a historical context, whereas Isaac brought it down to a more specifically Christian thing. I was really glad I got to be there. I keep telling him he needs to preach for me someday. I don't know if he knows I'm serious. I wish I had his knowledge. It makes the stuff I talk about seem like... well, I don't know what.

So it was a good day. But there's lots of stuff on my mind.

Peace out; and in.


MR said...

I've worked w/a Palestinian for years. When I first met him I said "dude, you're in the right place, there is absolutely NO chance that Ohio is going to invade...and if they did, we'd completely kick their ass." He seemed to like that. Anyway, he married a girl from Ecuador, and they had a little American. I won the baby pool, I knew it would be an American.

Carrie Jade said...

ha ha. never underestimate the power of Ohio. We're crazy....

Whisky Prajer said...

Well when your kids do such a fine job of blogging, it almost behooves the old man to take a bit of breather, now, dunnit?

dan h. said...

I think I remember you telling me about the Palestinian.

Yep. And I should have taken a longer breather.