Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New phone

I finally got around to getting a new phone last night. I liked my old one, but the battery was bad. I never knew if it would be fully charged or dead from one minute to the next (kinda like me).

I have always liked LG phones, so I was trying to decide between the 79.99 (minus $50 rebate) or the 109.99 (minus $50 rebate). I was bummed because, as a secondary line on our account, I get no credits. So basically verizon gives me no reason to get a new phone. I should have just tried to find a new battery for my old phone (of course verizon doesn't make them anymore). Anyway, I opted for the cheaper LG5400. It doesn't have video, or a memory card, or an mp3 player, and the camera is crappy. Otherwise it's pretty nice. But now I wish I'd gotten the other one. Oh well. What do I really need a phone for anyway? I mean, if I can make calls and text, that oughta work. And I don't do a LOT of that even.

We also made a trip down to Three Rivers Fest last night. Had a tenderloin. Some guy was playing the main stage that cost $26 a ticket - and I'd never even heard of him! So we went to the dog show, and right when we walked up it was getting over.

Today I might laze around again. Maybe mow the yard. I'd like to catch a couple of the afternoon performers at Three Rivers. Who knows, I might even take a shower and shave today. Maybe.