Monday, August 11, 2008

A sign of something?

This is the sign in front of our building. I thought I would see just how long it took for someone to notice the letters were all discombobulated. Well, a week has gone by - including a Sunday morning service - and not one person has mentioned it. I finally went out and fixed it this morning.

Stuff like this drives me nuts. It gives the appearance that no one cares, and I know it shouldn't drive me quite as crazy as it does, but... shouldn't it matter a little? I know some people just don't even notice things like this because of familiarity or whatever, but I've got to think somebody in our church noticed it. What I don't know is if they just don't care, or if they think it's not their place to say anything about it, or do they think it's my job and they wonder why I haven't done anything yet...? I dunno. And I'm not blaming anyone - I just wish I knew how to get people to be a little more concerned, or how to get them to take more 'ownership' or something. Again, I don't know that it's anyone's fault but mine. I'm just thinking out loud.

Actually, the sign needs replaced anyway. And we've been talking about it for at least the last nine years that I know of. The light doesn't work, the letters need to be taped on so they won't fall off, most of the letters are rusted and bent anyway, and a couple weeks ago - when I was retaping some letters on - one side of the glass door fell off and shattered. Oops. So I think we're just going to have some permanent inserts made that will fit inside the brick part with the church name, service time, and web address.

This is certainly a sign of something though. I'm just not sure what.