Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Links to grow on

A couple of good links to share and remember.
  • If you don't have a good understanding of economics then you need to read this post on Brian McLaren's blog: Economics 101. (Or maybe it is Tommy Tavenner's '21 Economic Models... Explained With Cows.' At any rate, it is quick and easy and will leave you knowing exactly why our world is in its present condition.
  • The Grassroots website also has some good resources up on the 'Planters and Shapers' page. I wish it wasn't called that (why not just 'resources'), but I need to get over this "planters bias" that I have. Anyway, there are some good articles, links, and you can download the free booklets "Creating Kingdom Outposts" and "Jesus-Revolution or Christian Religion." Definitely worthwhile ...if you're innarested in that sort of thing.
Peace out; and in.