Saturday, November 22, 2008

New trees at the church

We planted two new trees at the church this morning. They are Autumn Blaze Maple and should provide some immediate shade for the playground this spring. They're about 4" in diameter and we got them from Heller Nursery in FW. I am glad we had a backhoe because they required some big honkin' holes to bury them in. Doug, Logan, Darren, Jim, Meredith, a friend of Logan's, and me put them in. It was a wee bit chilly.

The only real blunder of the morning was when I got the garden hose out to water them. I turned the water on and nothing came out. So I grabbed the hose and twisted, and, since it was so cold, the hose just snapped in half. Of course water shot out all over the front of me then. Wet pants are not fun on a chilly winter day.