Sunday, November 23, 2008

Close call

We had some lake effect snow the other night and it got a bit slick out by our house. I looked outside around 10 pm and saw these tracks in the yard (the snow has since melted). They came about 3 feet from that pine tree, and not too awful far from our house. You can tell that they were going sideways on the way in the yard by the 3 tracks, instead of just two on the way out.


Jim said...

Lucky it was a near miss! When my wife was growing up her family had the knock on the door at 3:00 a.m. because some drunken teens had rolled their car right in front of the house. I think everyone turned out OK from that, but not something fun to deal with.

And for everyone lucky enough to get through something like that unscathed (I am myself), I wonder if maybe, just maybe, a lesson was learned, a bit of caution toward driving added, and one more driver learned to take things a bit more slowly. We can hope.

dan h. said...

I suppose state of mind might help determine whether they learned anything or not.

"...hey, what happened to the road? It turned into a house."