Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stepping in doo instead of you

Last night m'lady and I picked up Sheryl Crow's new ablum Home For Christmas. Apparently it's only available through Hallmark. $10.95 by itself, or $7.95 with the purchase of 3 cards. I've been listening to it today and lemme tell ya... I think it's perty darn good.

Of course, I forgot to take it to the office with me and on the way back home to get it I stepped in dog crap. I suppose justice was served. I have long since given up hope of ever being in Sheryl's band though. I mean, not that I wouldn't, but I just don't think it's gonna happen anymore. :(

I actually did not know she used to sing backup for the likes of Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, and Don Henley. And she had her front teeth knocked out by a waitress while singing with a band in St. Louis. Also, after graduating from the U. of Missouri in 1984 with a degree in piano and voice she took a job teaching elementary school. But after breaking up with her devout Christian fiance who, according to PEOPLE magazine, insisted she sing exclusively "for the Lord," she moved to L.A. to pursue her music career. Currently she resides in Nashville. (courtesy of people.com).

Just in case you were wondering.