Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Words on a page

My day is going good so far. Just finished my sermon for Sunday. It makes a huge difference in my 'constitution' if my sermon comes together soon or late. I felt like I spent two days staring at the wall, but today, once I sat down and started writing, it just puked itself out. I wish that would happen the first time I sat down. But I'll settle for having it done early Wednesday.

That is one thing I learned from Dave Fitch at a conference earlier this year. He said he has to tell his guys to limit how much time they spend in sermon preparation. Because for some people it will NEVER be good enough, and you could spend all your waking hours working on it, and it still wouldn't be satisfactory. And, I don't know what it's like in other churches, but in mine there are just a few other things to do besides the Sunday sermon.

So... since I had a minute to kill before lunch, I checked the stats on this sermon. I type them all out - every Sunday, for almost 10 years now. They are double-spaced, with a size 14 font (so I can see it), and almost every week they are 8 pages. Though I used to get up to 10 pages, but now I usually add more during preaching, so I try to always go right at 8 full pages. This weeks sermon, on Exodus 20:1-17, is: 8 pages (14 font; double-spaced); 2,208 words; 9,410 characters (no spaces); 11,606 characters (with spaces); 38 paragraphs; and 173 lines.

There, now you know the details of my sermon.