Sunday, April 05, 2009

Note to self: an arrow pointing to heaven

1. I should include more Rich Mullins music in my daily diet.

2. I need to re-read James Bryan Smith's great (great) book, "Rich Mullins: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven." I simply need to. I forgot how impactful this book was on me; on my faith. I also forgot I used to buy it for graduates at church. This ranks up there with Blue Like Jazz, New Kind of Christian and Messy Spirituality for me.

From p. 2...
It was more than a picture. It was the summation of a person's life, a symbol that said more about who he was than mere words can. Rich Mullins was a man who stood among the ruins - the ruins created by his own faults and failings, the ruins that result from the ravages of time. In the midst of the ruins he pointed to heaven, to the God who bundles our brokenness and heals our wounds. He felt the winds of heaven as he stood upon the stuff of earth and pointed, through his words and his music, to something larger than even our own dreams. Rich Mullins was an arrow pointing to heaven.