Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sign, sign, everywhere's a sign

I have stooped to a new low on my blog today. I feel like I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say anymore, so here are pics of a couple signs around our house.

In the laundry room is this self-explanatory sign - this is where the aluminum cans go. It's right next to Mr. Washing Machine and Mr. Salt-holder-for-the-water-softener.

I just made this note last week, because every now and then someone will forget that I am left-handed. See, we have this towel rack in the bathroom, and I can use the same towel for days (or sometimes weeks), and it bugs me when someone else will take my towel or put their towel on top of mine. So I figure since I'm the only one that is left-handed in our household, we should remember that my towel is on the far left hook. I don't know how everyone else remembers which one is theirs, but mine should be easy. Or maybe I'm the only one that has a problem with this. Anyway, I taped this note up just to be sure.
I suppose this is really a sign that I'm maybe a little anal too. I remember the first time I heard someone refer to someone else as "anal" I laughed, because I thought they were making fun of them. Calling them an a** or something. I wasn't aware that it is also short for "anal retentive." Which has nothing to do with gas, btw; though it's not really all that much fun to be this way either.

Ok... that's about enough excitement for today. It's been real.