Monday, August 03, 2009

It was a nice day

We had a great day of worship and celebration yesterday. Other than the fact that it was Sunday, we were also celebrating that we've been at our church for 10 years. So the church allowed me to sit back and worship with them. They brought in son Isaac to lead the music/songs - and he did an awesome job; good friend Wayne preached a fantastic message from Ezekial 22:23-30 about standing in the gap (he also read this blog post of mine); and we had a really good turnout for the lunch afterward under the pavilion. Oh, and the weather was beautiful too. Here are a few pics.

Son Isaac and Levi leading us in worship. They did an awesome job, and I loved Isaac's harmonica work on "Give Me Jesus." He makes me a proud papa (and he grows a better beard than me).
Me and my good friend Wayne - who drove all the way from Lancaster, PA to preach. One of the nicest people I know. And he preached a fantastic message. I was humbled and blessed.The cake Matt & Shelley made for me. How cool is that?
The cake table.

A lot of people went to a lot of work, and I really did appreciate it (not that I don't appreciate all of them normally... but you know what I mean). It really was a good day.

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