Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Church pews re-done

Yesterday we had our church pews re-padded and re-upholstered. A 3-man crew arrived at 10:30 am and worked until 6:45 pm. They weren't real happy when they took the upholstery off the first one and saw that the old padding had just disintegrated underneath. It was a mess. I heard them muttering that it might take more than one day to do it. But they worked hard and got it all done in one. They look real nice.

I talked to the crew a little off and on throughout the day. The leader said last year he spent 30 weeks on the road. He said that was nice, because then he just drew unemployment for the other 22 weeks. But one year he spent all but 8 weeks on the road. After they left our place last night they were driving to Pennsylvania for a job today; then New Jersey for a job the next day; then New York. Ugh. I would not like that kind of a life.

Anyway, here are some pics, starting with the old and working towards the new (click on the pic to enlarge).