Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The rental

Still no word on the wrecked 2008 Hyundai Elantra. Yesterday they had it towed to the dealer to get an estimate on damages. In the meantime, we found out our insurance provides for a rental car (or the other person's insurance - I think they are going to pay for everything, but no official word yet). So we picked up this Mazda 3 at the airport last night. Jane wanted a sportier car. Though it looks much nicer on the outside than the inside. But it is pretty nice, and really does zoom-zoom. It was a trip dealing with the rental agent too. I imagine those guys working out of the FW Airport get pretty darn bored sitting there by themselves all day and night. I think he wanted us to stick around and chat for awhile. Anyway, this car did come with free GPS (and it's HUGE - takes up half the dash); and it had Illinois license plates on it! Otherwise it's just another car. I think they said it would have been $16.95 a day if we'd had to pay for it.