Monday, August 16, 2010

New mic batteries

The batteries died on the Shure lapel mic yesterday morning - right at the start of church. I had some other batteries right there (on the keyboard), but when I put them in, for some reason it still registered as dead. This morning I came in and turned it on and it worked fine. I don't know, maybe it just takes awhile for it to adjust or something. Or else there was some demon work going on yesterday morning. There was definitely something going on. I guess I hadn't changed batteries since April. Still seems like they ought to last longer than that, but I guess not.

After I couldn't get the Shure mic to work, I tried the other old lapel mic we have. It didn't work either. First the battery was dead, but after putting a new one in it kept shorting out. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the wire. So I just used a hand-held wired mic. It probably sounds better anyway, but I lose some mobility and the ability to fully talk with my hands. I really hate having to go through all this while standing in front of a crowd looking at me. Anyway, interestingly enough, the old lapel mic worked when I tried it today too. Hmm.

It was a weird morning all around though. Started with someone showing up at 9 am (church is at 10). They said to just never mind them, but then they kept wanting to talk to me. I think they showed up early only BECAUSE they wanted to talk to me, but for some reason just wouldn't say so. Uh, but, you know, right before the Sunday worship service isn't necessarily the best time to talk to the pastor. Especially when we were to start running through songs at 9:15. Then it was kinda just one thing after the other. Jane and I were both kind of just 'out of sync' all morning.

I did manage to get rid of the 15 Tincaps tickets I bought though. We had 21 sign up, and I was able to find the other 6 tickets in the afternoon (though not all together). That's probably all I should say about yesterday...