Monday, March 28, 2011

Flooring decisions

We're trying to decide what kind of flooring to go with at the new house. There is currently carpet in the living room, hallway, and two bedrooms. The third bedroom has a hardwood floor (as do the other two bedrooms, but they are carpeted over the wood).

The main decision is what to do in the living room. We can't decide if we should carpet it, or we're thinking of possibly going with a wood laminate floor. We have no experience with laminate flooring, but I think a "wood-looking" floor would look the neatest/best. Hardwood is too expensive, but it appears the laminates would offer the same versatility, and it might even be something we could do ourselves. However, carpet would probably be easier in the long run. It's just such a big room that I'm afraid the color and style of carpet can change the look/feel of it drastically. Plus, we have no idea what color or style of carpet to go with (frieze or cut pile). So... I dunno.

We also can't decide if we should re-carpet the two bedrooms that presently have carpet, or just go with the wood floors in all three bedrooms. They are not the prettiest wood floors, so that wouldn't be a reason to do so. However, it seems kind of wasteful to pay for carpet that then gets mostly covered up by a bed and dressers. Although, I suppose just as with the living room, carpet is the easiest choice. Again... I dunno. Decisions, decisions.

Any suggestions???