Saturday, June 04, 2011

This and that and

Just when I was thinking about possibly bringing this blog to a halt... The Tall Skinny Kiwi has to go and give his reasons for people to blog (while celebrating his 10th anniversary, btw - man... congrats! I wish I could go meet him at Cornerstone this summer). But mine probably isn't really what he is talking about when he says "blog." I just have nothing much to say anymore. Or, well, maybe it's more that I don't have the motivation to say it. But... whatever.

I have been chewing on a post about "the pastor as director of a non-profit organization" for quite some time. That really makes sense to me, and I think is the direction I would like to go in. But... you know... there's that motivation thing.

I've also been thinking of writing about "connecting the dots." Sort of how we have this tendency to try to keep all the areas of our life separate - especially the spiritual part - and the importance of integrating all of life together. It's like people have such a hard time getting together for a cookout or something, and tossing in "life stuff" among the chatter about the weather or sports or whatever.

Although, you know, I am more of a 'mowing pastor'... so now there's that to deal with. You would need to read yesterday's post to understand that. Many of my friends and colleagues are known for the books or articles they've written, strategies they've developed, or ministry accomplishments. Me, I'm known for my mowing (and maybe a little bit for my vacuuming too). Just trying to live up to this high calling I have received.

Well, I need to get ready for a board meeting. Truth be told, I do not like having board meetings early on Saturday mornings. But that's when they work for us, and it probably doesn't make that much difference anyway.

We are also supposed to babysit the granddaughter today - almost all day. We babysat a little last night too. I even babysat by myself for a couple hours. I tried to teach Anna how to walk on the treadmill, and she feel asleep about a minute into it. She's a sweetie!

Okay... enough of this nonsense. Peace out; and in.