Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Monday morning weigh-in

I surprised myself and actually lost weight again this week. After weighing in last week at 146.4, I weighed in yesterday morning at 145.2. I thought there was no way I would lose weight after last week - especially the weekend. Sunday night I had pizza for supper, then we went out later on and I had chips and salsa and drinks. But I weighed 146 when I got up, and after running 6 miles, drinking 2 glasses of water and a protein drink, and lifting, I was down to the 145.

So that means I have officially lost 20 lbs since I started this diet on April 30th, and 25 lbs since the beginning of the year. I don't really know that I need to lose anymore weight, but I actually like the food we've been eating, and I really like how I feel, so... I'm not too interested in going back to eating junk or fatty foods. I really appreciate my wife for being the one to step out and do this, which is what inspired me to do it.