Wednesday, August 08, 2012

New battery - no charge

The Buick wouldn't start yesterday when I went to leave for the office. Fortunately Jane hadn't left yet, so I just took her to work and then I drove her car (Ford Focus). I jump-started the Buick, and it seemed to me to be a battery issue, but I'm no real mechanic. But the battery was only 2 years old, and while it would TAKE a charge, it wouldn't HOLD a charge. So I didn't know what the deal was, and just called our trusty mechanic (man is it great having a mechanic in the church - I mean someone who actually does that for a living).

They told me to stop by the shop in the early afternoon and they would take a look at it. I jump-started it again, drove to their shop, and they pulled it inside and had a look-see. It turned out that it was the battery. And it was still under warranty too!!! I was there about 40 minutes (and started reading 'The Leap of Faith' while waiting), and they didn't charge me a dime! Very nice people they are. It's a family business, and I am really glad to know them.

So, there is now a new battery in the Buick. Unfortunately the odometer/drive selector quit working in it a couple weeks ago. They said it would probably cost about $300 to replace. I figure since there are almost 200,000 miles on the car it's probably not worth keeping track of the miles anymore. I can just guestimate when it needs an oil change.

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