Saturday, November 16, 2013


I gave myself another haircut yesterday. It had actually been awhile. The last one was Oct. 10. Funny how a "long time" is only a month now. I used to go more like a year between haircuts. Anyway...

I actually used a #2 this time, instead of #1. I have sensed that Jane doesn't like it shorter - from the number of times she's told me :) - so I didn't buzz it quite so much. Truth be told, I would still like to shave it off completely, but now that we're watching Breaking Bad I would think people would think I was just trying to be like Walter. So... we'll see.

I did have to have Jane even off the bottom in the back for me. I gouged out a big section in the middle and after trying to even it out myself I was just making it worse. So I left it until she got home.