Friday, November 15, 2013

Coaching class

I attended my first coaching class this Wednesday and Thursday. It was called 501-Foundations of Christian Coaching. This is the first course in my effort to become a certified coach through Coach Approach Ministries. It was great and I am pretty excited about doing this.

This class was held at Trier Ridge Comm. Church in Fort Wayne, and Brian Miller was the instructor (along with Brandon Kelly). It was nice in that it was just down the road from my house, and I like both Brian and Brandon real well. They did a great job. Brian also has a blog called Coaching Clarity which is very helpful. Tom and Steve and I all three took the class. There were four other people besides us.

Now I am waiting to take the next class: 502-Establishing A Dynamic Coaching Relationship. I wish I could take it right now, but it may be February before it is offered again. Good stuff.

There are two books I want to look into as a result of this first class:

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