Friday, November 07, 2014

Jerry at the embassy

We went to a Jerry Seinfeld show at the lovely Fort Wayne Embassy Theater last night. It was fantastic!

We have always been big fans of the Seinfeld tv show, as well as Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, so when we saw Jerry was coming to town... we jumped on it. Tickets were a tad pricey for us, but there really isn't a bad seat at the Embassy. We got tickets for $62 apiece in Section K, row P, seats 12 & 13. It was "up there," but at least we were towards the middle and on the end of a row.

I could never understand who they said the opening act was, but he was really good. He started just after 7 and had a really nice 20-25 minute bit. Then he ran off stage, and Jerry ran on. Jerry had us laughing almost non-stop for the next hour. Then he ran off stage briefly, and for an encore he came out and just took questions from the audience. I thought that was awesome!!!

Overall, it was a really nice night. It was a good clean show, and it was so nice to see my wife laugh. I also liked that both comedians wore suits and ties. I'm not sure why I liked that, but it seemed to reflect that they wanted their comedy to get the attention. Very good night.