Thursday, November 06, 2014

Collection calls

One of the worst parts of my job - for me - is making collections calls to people who owe money on their storage units. The WORST part about that, is calling people whose units are scheduled to be auctioned. It's pretty much just like the tv show. If you haven't paid for so long, we have every right to auction a person's items. We don't make money doing it, we don't like to do it, we certainly don't want to do it... but it is a business, and usually it's the only way we can get rid of someone's stuff.

So.... the other day I made my final calls to the people on my list for the next auction (we have them every few months). I actually talked to 3 of the people - just left messages for the rest. Whenever I make these calls I always hope no one answers. Ugh. I hate it when they do.

I will probably work out a deal with a couple people. I know that sometimes things happen, and many people really do mean well and try hard and all that. But some of them..... I'm afraid they are just too far in the hole. I feel really bad, but they've never done what they said they were going to do. So I stood my ground. Dang, I hate doing it. Such is life though.

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