Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I did not vote

I did not vote yesterday. So you can blame me for all the world's problems that will come as a result.

At best, I really didn't care. What little I knew of this mid-term election came from idiot political commercials which really just made me hate the process all the more (though they were good for a few laughs). So whether it was complacency, fatalism, or an act of rebellion/protest... it doesn't matter. It is what it is.

I have nothing against those who do vote, nor those who don't. And I'm not saying I will never vote again. I might. But I might not too. I have no idea. I just didn't see the point yesterday; or today.

I really got into it for awhile with the Obama presidential races... but then people called me everything from unpatriotic to an atheist. For liking the President of our country!!! What?!? How... I... I just don't understand people. And I don't understand how everyone can know that big business and money own the media and Washington and all the people who have control, but no one seems to care. And I don't understand how politicians can behave like spoiled schoolchildren, and they still get our votes.

I'm sure almost everyone knows that definition people like to use for insanity: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Yeah... so... we vote for basically the same people, in the same system, and somehow we think things are going to be different???

Or do we just not know what else to do? I confess... I don't. I think the democrats are fools and the republicans are downright scary, but I don't know of anyone any better. My fear now is that, after this election, the republicans are going to think everyone thinks they're right!!! And maybe they really do!!! And maybe they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh.

So... I didn't vote. I will place my trust elsewhere, and take what comes. You can do what you like.


Pastor D said...

Most mid-term elections are local. I figure it's my duty as a citizen to exercise my vote if I want to complain later I'm up to 17 folks on our prayer list serving overseas defending our rights and freedoms...that being said I do not place too much hope and confidence in politicians, mankind. My manta with respect to things political are wrapped up in the hymn verse, "trust not in princes they are but mortal..."

We stayed last night in China town NYC...both the World Trade Tower and the Empire State Building (which we could see from our room) were lit up in red, whie, and blue.

The Empire building had a "race" with red and blue as the election results were coming in. By 2 am the building was all red.

So now the White House is one party and the House and Senate are another...good for us. They will veto eachother with less interference.

MR said...

I'm frankly tired of the propaganda of how you're not a patriot if you don't vote because people died for it, blah blah. I think people who aren't paying attention should NOT vote. I don't know of any other topic where I tell someone I have no idea and they press me for an answer. I mean, what if it were cows, and someone asked me if I preferred Jersey or Holstein and I said I didn't know what they were talking about, would they say "PICK ONE!"? I think they came up with that nonsense to get women to vote after suffrage was passed, since it was viewed as a non-feminine thing to concern yourself with political interests at the time.

One thing I've noticed is that the pendulum always seems to swing back and forth, from left to right. It will probably do it many time over our lifetime, so I figure there's no sense in getting all invested in one or the other or you'll just feel like crap a couple elections down the road.

Also: tuna fish sandwich.

? no idea why I did that. I think it's the answer to someone's question somewhere.

bill Sloat said...

I am more cynical about US politics than I dreamed I'd ever be but, imo, for a disciple living in a democracy or republic, "give to Caesar..." implies responsible voting. I voted--with a clothespin on my nose.