Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dr. visit

I had a regularly scheduled follow-up Dr's appointment yesterday at 9:15 am. The last time I was there I was trying to stop smoking and I went back on my blood pressure medicine.

I felt good when I went. I gained a little weight - I was up to 172 (which is actually less than I was last week). My blood pressure, however, was fantastic. 118/76. I was happy about that; as was the doctor. I forgot that I'd pretty much given up caffeine a week ago.

He was also very happy that I had quit smoking completely. He said in a couple years my body would be like I'd never smoked at all again.

I asked about getting off the Zoloft. He was like, "Oh yeah, whenever you want." He said I'm on a starter dose now anyway, so I could just start skipping a day and then after a week or two quit altogether; or if I wanted he could write me a prescription for a lower dose and quit that way. He said that was fine with him whenever I wanted to. 

We had a good visit. Kinda just chit-chatting. He had planned to have me do some blood work (cholesterol, etc) after this visit, but he said, "Ah, heck, let's just wait until summer to do that." That was okay with me.

Afterward I stopped at the Southtown Walmart to pick up the prescription I forgot had been waiting since Monday. I then celebrated the good dr. visit with a coffee and burrito from McD's. I got to work at 11 am.