Friday, January 09, 2015

Cold, cold, cold

I am not a big fan of winter. I could do without the snow, and the cold. It hasn't really been too bad this year, but when it does come it doesn't take me long to get sick of it.

We've maybe had 6-8" of snow over the past few days, and tempts have been getting down to about -10F at night, with windchills to -30F. As I write this it is a balmy 8F with 23 mph winds at 12:30 in the afternoon. This is as warm as it's going to get today.

The thing about the cold is, it makes me tired. It just wears me out for some reason. I feel like I'm always hunched up at work, and when I get home I kinda just crawl downstairs, light up the fire, and veg in my recliner until going to bed. I should probably force myself to exercise, or at least walk on the treadmill, but... eh... I just don't feel like it. One of these days.

It could always be worse though. We had way more snow at this time last year. I can't imagine being homeless right now. Even the people I see walking, or waiting for the bus... brrrrrrr. So I feel pretty fortunate to have a nice house, a job that is mostly inside, and the sun has actually been shining quite a bit too.

This is a picture out my office window at work. Yuk. Just wanted to stamp this date in the books.