Thursday, January 22, 2015

Personal coaching

So... lately I've been thinking about the possibility of looking further into this coaching thing. I recently received my Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching through Coach Approach Ministries, and it seems like a bit of a waste to not put it to some kind of use. Of course, if you know me, you know that I immediately started to question whether I could do such a thing, or why anyone would ask ME for coaching - let alone pay me for it! So... I've just been thinking about it.

One consideration would be my past and present online presence. Ooof... have you read some of the things I've written online??? Good God! Who is this guy (me)? So I might need to clean some things up around here; probably start a whole new blog; maybe even get rid of this one entirely; and... you know, I'd have to be a lot more serious about stuff I publish. I think I 'could' do it... the question is... do I WANT to? Although, I guess the other side is... But this is who I am, and that's how some people like me to be. So... I dunno.

I was also thinking about how I would advertise myself. Yes, I would be doing this as a job - not a form of discipleship (ok, Bill?). So I wondered, what do I have to offer people; why would anyone be interested in coming to me for coaching? Well, I do have a wide and varied background in a lot of areas (factory work, music, sports, professional), I have a BA in Religious Studies from Findlay U., a Diploma in Pastoral Ministry from Winebrenner Seminary, I spent 14 years as a Sr. Pastor doing actual church work, and then there's the certificate I just received. It doesn't look too awful bad on paper does it?

However, I'm still not sure how I would advertise or what I would call myself (notice I am going to great lengths to keep from using the word 'market'!). Would I coach only church leaders? Would it be only for Christians? Would it be ministry-specific? Could I be more like a life coach? ...I don't know.

I don't know enough about life-coaching to know if I could go that route, but I don't know that I would be comfortable limiting it to just church leaders. So that's why I'm wondering about just saying: Dan Horwedel, Personal Coach. Eh... that sounds weird, but really, maybe it's better to not limit it in any way.

I like what my teacher/friend Brian has done with his Coaching Clarity site. I would like to do something similar, and would undoubtedly steal as much from him as I could, but I am also quite different from Brian. He is much smarter than I am, but we also have different niches, and I wouldn't necessarily be interested in training others to coach. My interests are different.

I have also been considering the Renovare Institute. It's a 2-year school of Christian Spiritual Formation. That is a definite area of interest for me (spiritual formation). I believe it would not only better me as a coach, but I am just personally interested for my own growth. I know it's online, but I don't know yet about costs and time-commitments and whatnot. It's a possibility.

So, there you have it. I'm not at the point of quitting my day job. In fact, it's probably something I would always do in addition to my day job. I just feel like there's something more I could/should be doing. We'll see.