Friday, January 23, 2015

Anna turns 4

Today is granddaughter, Anna Jane's, 4th birthday!!! My how time flies. She will probably always hold a special place because, not only was she the first grandchild we had, but she is also the only girl (so far). She is growing up so so fast.

This past year she welcomed another brother (Caleb); she started preschool (3 mornings a week); she went to the dentist; and her vocabulary and intelligence continued to expand. It's hard to believe that she is at that age where she will be able to remember things for the rest of her life now. My oh my.

I believe the plan is to go out for supper tonight for one of her favorite foods - tacos. Not sure if it will be Taco Bell or Cebello's. Either way, the taco's aren't what is important to me... It's just hoping she has fun. She is a cutie.

Here are a few pics from this year. The first one was taken by Jane at my parents house this summer. The second was on a trip to Chicago that Jane, Carrie and Anna took a couple months ago. The bottom pic is from a little party Carrie had for Anna and some of her friends at JP the other day. Anna is the one smiling wide. :)

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