Saturday, January 24, 2015

Anna's birthday - pt. 2

We went to Cebolla's Mexican Grill on Jefferson for Anna's 4th birthday. It was her request to have tacos - which she loves - and we all thought this might be better than her favorite... Taco Bell. It was. Unfortunately the poor girl felt horrible. She was running a fever all day, and her nose was dripping like a faucet. So she didn't enjoy herself too much, but it was still a nice time. They also come and sing 'happy birthday' to you at this restaurant, and put a big sombrero on you. I suppose it was partly because she didn't feel good, and partly because she is pretty shy, that she was kind of freaked out about the whole thing. We all thought it was nice though - especially Bennett and Caleb.

Anyway, we gave Anna the dress we got her, as well as the snow shovels I got for her and Bennett (red/pink for her, blue for B). Drew Carrie had her open the Hello Kitty cd player they got her. She also wore her birthday crown and brought a bouquet of flowers for the table (such a nice gesture for such a little person). The poor thing tried to enjoy it as much as possible.

I had 2 tacos and a side of rice, and a coke. Anna chowed a taco. Bennett had a quesadilla and rice, and we discovered that Caleb really likes avocado. Of course we sat right beside the big fountain, but the kids maintained their curiosity pretty well. It was fun. It was also pretty inexpensive.

I'm not sure about the party that was planned for Anna for tomorrow (for family). Carrie took her to Redi-Med today, and they weren't sure if she had a cold or the flu. If there's a chance it's the flu then we don't really want her great-grandparents around her. So we'll see. Here are some pics from last night.

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