Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Off and running

Well, I guess it turns out that I am on vacation starting today. My "year" runs from August 1 through the end of July, and a couple months ago I thought I had used all my vacation for this year, but then... in looking back through my blog... I discovered that the one week I thought I had used was actually the year before. So... I had a whole other week of vacation and nothing to do. We may take a long weekend back to Illinois, but otherwise... it's a stay-at-home vacation. And I knew I was going to be off this week, but I wasn't sure exactly which days it was going to be until yesterday. Because of commitments I have next week, I decided it would be best to take off today through next Monday. Whatever that means.

So, anyway, last night I kicked off this vacation by being kicked out of the house. Jane was hosting a Pampered Chef party for our friend Rachel, and me and a buncha women with kitchen utensils just didn't seem like a whole lotta fun. So I decided it would be a good time to finally get my new running shoes.

I actually went to the Three Rivers Running Company last week while Jane was in Illinois by herself, but they were having registration for the Three Rivers Festival run the next day and the place was a madhouse. I walked in the door, freaked out, and walked right out. I had to go walk around the mall a bit to shake the claustrophobia outta my system. So I went back last night and it was better. As soon as I walked in the door a woman asked if she could help. I told her I needed shoes, and she asked if I'd been there before. I said I had but not as a customer, so she explained how they do things, and she took my shoes off, measured my feet, got me a pair of "trial" shoes, and hopped me up on the treadmill. We watched the videotape of me running, and she said I had good form, so I just needed a "neutral" shoe - which was what I actually had on.
So we sat back down and she detailed the different types of shoes, and said she would go pick me out a few other shoes to try on. I tried on several more, but the first ones I put on felt the best, so I just said I would take them. I didn't even think to ask how much they cost - though she said they were all "about the same."

You know, I have to admit - and I'm totally ashamed to be such a moron - but it was just a little distracting having this young women with mile-long perfect legs and the shortest of short shorts sitting down right in front of my face and touching my feet and whatnot. I think I would have bought a pair of snowshoes if she told me to. I know, I am a cad. And it's so unlike me to just walk in, try on a pair of shoes, and walk out with them. I NEVER buy anything without at least 2 or 3 trips to the store. Oh well, not going to dwell. I like my new shoes. They are Sauconey.

On the way home - coming down Clinton - I came upon a bunch of cop cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. I saw on the news it was because they'd found a dead body. And when I drove past Headwaters Park it was just PACKED with people for Three Rivers Festival. On a Monday night, even!

I made a couple stops for groceries, and a back brace for when I mow, and headed home. All the party-goers were gone and Jane and Rachel were cleaning up. I ate some leftovers of what they had made.

I think today I may go to the doctor and see what's up with this rash. I got some new otc medicine and it made it worse. I also need to prepare a wedding ceremony for in a couple of weeks. I think I'll leave the rash out of that.


Carrie Jade said...

You actually bought shoes on the first trip! Wow, I'm pround of you. :)

I had a weird rash thing too. Have you been outside alot? In the heat? It could just be heat rash like I had. Cool showers and no lotiony medicine stuff did the trick for me. Who knows though, allergies are weird too.

MR said...

I hear hot chicks with perfect legs are also the cure for heat rash, and clausterphobia, and anything else. Millions of years of evolution override any other impulses. Especially the impulse to save money.

Jim said...

Did you get her name and number for me? I'll start running if you think it would help.

dan h. said...

The new shoes are now broken in. The doctor gave me a new kind of medicine. And, Jim, you're on your own with women, pal. I have absolutely no advice to give ya. :)

Brook said...

I may be playing rugby with the FW men's club this weekend if I can work out the timing of the matches with a wedding I am in in Columbus, OH. Hopefully I will make it back in time.

Here's hoping. I miss the outreach opportunities I had with those guys...

Brook Sarver

dan h. said...

Hey, I know somebody that used to play with the FW club. And my son is actually going to play rugby this fall at Anderson U. Cool!

It looks much too rough for me though.