Monday, July 14, 2008

Which is worse

So... it's Sunday morning, a couple hours before the start of our worship gathering, and I am sitting in the chair in my office praying (leaned over; head in hands; eyes closed). I heard the front door open (my office is right inside the front door, and my door was open) and it was several minutes before I finally hear someone say, "Hi Dan." I looked up, saw them standing in the doorway, said "hi ____," and he went on. I went back to praying.

What I'm trying to decide is... would it have been more rude of me to keep praying and ignore this guy, or was it more rude to interrupt my time with God to say 'hi' to this guy? I don't really know.


MR said...

You should have just begun to pray out loud: "huh? Oh, that's just _____. Wha? Well, maybe he's got something really important. Hang on, I'll check..."

"God wants to know what you want. Maaan, this better be good!"

Jim said...

Maybe he thought you were dozing or dead, and was just checking. :o)

I am probably wrong, but the Bible seems to be a lot about the importance of maintaining real relationships with others (even those who may interrupt our prayer), so I am sure God didn't mind a quick "Hi". My humble opinion! :o)

MR said...

So Dan SHOULDN'T have called him all those names?

Ah well, you live and learn.

Jim said...


Yeah, well, I'm snippish when I'm wakened from a nap unexpectedly, too! :o)

dan h. said...

You guys are hopeless. I will pray for you. ;)