Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debating debate 1

Some random thoughts following the first presidential debate last night:
  • Just to put things in perspective, I like this article by Scot McKnight on CT's blog: 'The Eschatology of Politics.' It's one thing to vote and whatnot, but as Scot says, "Our hope is in the gospel of God that creates a kind of people that extends God's gospel to the world." Nice article on a Christian perspective of politics.
  • As far as the debate... there were things both candidates said that made me cringe.
  • I didn't like hearing Obama say that Bin Laden should be "killed."
  • McCain just comes off as an arrogant doofus to me. I couldn't believe the lack of respect he had for Obama. That's kind of his trademark though.
  • Obama would do better to just shrug off Johnny's comments and not respond to them, because I don't think most Americans care if someone is telling the truth or not.
  • I was surprised Johnny actually decided to show up for the debate in the first place. I think he thinks we should just give him the white house without he or Sarah ever having to explain themselves to anyone.
  • Interesting that Sarah Palin chose not to respond to the debate afterwards. Apparently even her own party doesn't trust her? I just can't believe she is a viable vp candidate (especially after seeing parts of the Katie Couric interview). Oh, that's right, but she's cute.
  • I am saddened that things like integrity and honesty seem to mean so little to so many.
  • I would give the nod in this debate to Obama for actually answering the questions that were asked, for giving real answers rather than just saying "I can do this," and because he continues to show that he has a better grasp on reality. McCain continues to show himself as an out of touch old-timer (to me).


MR said...

This is shocking coming from someone who had a cat named Ronald Reagan.


dan h. said...

Hahaha... Yes, well, certainly you are referring to the cat my parents had named Jimmy Carter. :)