Sunday, September 28, 2008

Peeing with josh garrels

Yesterday it was time for our annual family pictures, so me, Jane, Carrie, Drew, and Drew's little brother Chandler headed for Anderson in the Buick. We went there because son Isaac lives there, and we found a cool park to take pictures at, and we wanted to eat supper at this little place (Art's) that makes THE BEST pizza in the world, and then we were all going to see JOSH GARRELS in concert in Muncie. It was a belated album release party for his new album Jacaranda.

The picture-taking went well. Mostly because we have this hot, hot, hot looking photographer (Jane); the pizza was superb; and the concert did not disappoint in the least - even if it did mean I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night.

So... when we finally made it to the show at Muncie Alliance Church (we only got lost for a little while, because the street we were looking for didn't have a street sign) we were actually there pretty early. Muncie Alliance is famous for their coffee, so we hung out waiting for the show, and I ducked into the pottie room. I'm at the urinal doing my business, and someone walks in and takes up position next to me. Naturally, because I'm a guy, I didn't look at him. But when I turned to go wash my hands I noticed another guy - who looked like the singer/guitarist for the Lions (whom I have been listening to all week). I was about to say something to him when I then turned and noticed that the guy that had been peeing next to me was none other than JOSH GARRELS himself. Glad I didn't notice until AFTER I zipped up. Anyway, they were talking, so I just left. How cool is it, though, that JG actually has to pee too; and he did it right next to me!

It was a grand show. They were taping so maybe someday you'll hear/see too. He had one of the old guys from the Lions playing bass, accordian, dobro, and some other thing; an occasional drummer; and a guy who played stand up bass, either with fingers or a bow, on a few songs. They sounded superb. I like the new songs, but I was also glad he played my old favorites. I probably like "Freedom" best. I was disappointed he didn't do "Killing Me Softly" but have only heard him do it once before. Anyway, an excellent show. I bought the new cd, and gave serious consideration to a t-shirt. We'll be listening to JG before church this morning.

As for the guy I 'thought' was the singer/guitarist for The Lions... well, it ended up he was sitting right behind me. So during a break I turned and asked if he was in The Lions, and he gets this funny look and asked if I was joking. I said no, and he says, "Well, I'm flattered, but I wasn't in the band. What's weird is, the guy you're thinking of was actually my roommate though" (when the band existed). Ha! How weird is that? I guess he lives in Ireland now.

I really like the church building at this place. Just a big room with not a lot of decoration. Very low key. And there were tinted windows all along both sides. I imagine that can create distractions, but it was cool at night. This was actually the church where Josh came to faith in Jesus. I guess he had a skateboard ministry there, went through their internship program, became a pastor himself, and then due to the popularity of his music wasn't able to do both full-time anymore. So now it's just music.

One thing Josh mentioned last night was how we really are a stiff-necked people... stubborn. And why is it that it's so much easier to be stubborn in a bad way instead of a good way? You know, why can't we be as diligent in living for God and carrying out his mission, as we seem to be in going astray and living for ourselves? That's not exactly how he said it, but... it's early, and I gotta get to church.

A nice night all the way around.


MR said...

"Um.. Excuse me, Mr. Garrels, could you autograph this roll of toilet paper?"

Whisky Prajer said...

In other moments of urinal fellowship: I peed next to Jeff Johnson, just before JATS played the El Mocombo!

dan h. said...

Wow, peeing next to JJ could be dangerous. Glad you survived that.

Not sure if you've been following the conversation on the soup still, but apparently he makes movies now. In Mexico. In his words, "Kind of like Romeo and Juliet only with whores." Ha!