Thursday, September 04, 2008

Random #br549

Some random thoughts...
  • Why do I keep thinking I watched Fargo last night?
  • So far the rnc has been pretty predictable: a lot of muscle-flexing and mud-slinging. The same traits used by insecure middle-schoolers (boys and girls). And Rudy Guiliani is a joke.
  • Some of you are aware that my contract with my church had run out in July, and there had been some question about a new one. That was finally taken care of.
  • I ran on the treadmill 22 out of the 31 days in August, for a total of 87.7 miles. I think that averages out to about 4 miles per day. I'd never added it up like that before. Probably the most I've ever ran in a month's time.
  • Lady Jane had an MRI last week. Fortunately she doesn't need back surgery just yet.
  • I kind of rather liked when we were having communion every Sunday. I liked how it seemed to impact our group. So I don't know why I get the idea from people that they didn't really like doing it. Not sure what to do about it.
  • It seems I'm the only one in my family or church that is blogging anymore. I suppose the kiddles do more stuff on facebook and whatnot.
  • Driving a 5-speed makes me feel like I'm racing. And the new car is deceptively roomy. Though it's short on driver leg room - that's about the only drawback I've noticed. I did discover last night that you can actually 'pump up' the drivers seat. So it's kind of like I'm tall when I drive it.
  • Tonight I think I'm going to a freshman football game at southside h.s. to watch the neighbor kid - unless it rains. I want to go to the game, but we could sure use some rain.
  • This is my 1,200th post on this blog.
  • Yep.


Carrie Jade said...

I hope to start blogging again soon - probably sometime around January depending on how November goes.

Most things I would blog about these days would probably get me quite a few dirty looks from people I see on a daily basis. My hope is that people will eventually forget to look at my blog so I can go back to blogging in peace. Ha! As if...

Enjoy the football game!

grace said...

Sorry to hear that Jane is dealing with back pain. I am trying a few new things and feel almost normal today for the first time in months. If it continues to work, I'll pass along the info to you.

Congrats on 1200 posts. You are quite consistent about posting regularly.

MR said...

Whoa... you've got 2 months and 150 posts on me, and that's w/me blogging about what I had for lunch and stuff.

Glad to hear you folks will be sticking around for a while!


A lady takes her dog into the vet and wants it examined. The vet says "that dog is dead." The lady says "I want a second opinion!" The vet goes into the back and brings out a cat. The cat walks right up to the dog and around it, purring loudly, then leaves the room unscathed. "That'll be $100" says the vet. "For WHAT?!" exclaims the lady. "$20 for the visit, $80 for the cat scan."

Hmm... I wonder how many posts I have if I count the ones on YOUR blog?

JAH said...

I have a huge post in my head...I hope to pull it out soon! :)

dan h. said...

Yes... blogging in peace is difficult.

Glad you're feeling better. I'm sure Jane would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Nice joke. And I think I'd be much better off just posting what I had for lunch. (I had waffles in the toaster for a change of pace this morning).

I thought you've looked a little funny lately.